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Extensive research and global investigative capabilities are used to locate, analyze, and concisely report key information to mitigate potential reputational risk for your organization.

Our international reach includes relationships with our extensive trusted network of operatives, analysts, and intelligence personnel, supplying relevant and timely information across the globe. We also have extensive in-house language capabilities, which along with our international mindset, allow us to not only conduct investigations in multiple languages, but also provide our clients with a thorough findings analysis, factoring and contextualizing political, economic, and social dynamics.

We offer a tailored consultancy approach that include services from basic database searches to enhanced due diligence utilizing various public record systems, as well as human intelligence sources. Our goal is to lessen and limit our client’s exposure to risk by providing relevant business intelligence in a timely manner.

  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Third Party Due Diligence
  • Compliance Due Diligence
  • ABC / CTF / AML Due Diligence
  • ESG Due Diligence
  • Blacklist & PEP desktop verification
  • Background Verification Reports (BVR)
  • Sanction Reviews
  • Tailored Due Diligence Training

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